Ultimate Battery Saver HD APP Sets The Record Straight Over False Mobile Battery Information

The people behind the popular Ultimate Battery Saver HD APP that helps people with mobile devices extend their battery life, have spoken to Sun Holiday Reviews over the myths surrounding charging and using a mobile phone.

The app has been called the best battery saver app on the market, which will extend your Android phones and table battery’s life. Since the launch of the app, mobile phone users have found solutions to their low battery life. So we decided to talk to the team and find out if the myths over charging a mobile phone and using it are true.

  1. You should always use a branded battery charger, or it will damage your phone.


Mobile phone companies are always saying that you should use their battery charger, and if you don’t, then it could damage your phone. Some mobile phone companies states that if you use an unofficial charger then the mobile will not be covered under the warranty. However, according to Ultimate Battery Saver HD, this is just a myth.

According to the team at Ultimate Battery Saver HD, it does not matter if you use a branded or non-branded battery charger. The only difference between the two is the cost. A non-branded battery charger is much cheaper. That means, if you want to buy a spare battery charger for a holiday or replace one that is broken then you don’t need to buy the official battery charger.

  1. Charging a mobile phone overnight can damage your mobile phone battery

It’s obvious that you are going to want to charge your phone overnight while at the hotel. It is not like you are going to stay up all night waiting for a full charge. But, some myths are going around that if you charge a mobile phone overnight then it can overcharge and damage the battery and phone. That is just a myth according to the team behind the phone battery saver app.

A mobile phone knows how much charge it needs, and it also knows when to stop charging, so there is no chance of a battery being damaged by charging it overnight, according to the battery saving experts.

3: You should never use your phone when it is on charge

I have to say, this is one that does make me laugh, but it is also a very popular myth. Some people say that you can damage a battery by using it when it is charging, while others say you will drain the battery by using it while on charge. None of these are true, and it is safe to use the phone to from home from abroad when it is on charge.

4: Using the Internet causes the phone battery to drain faster than any other app

According to many so-called mobile phone experts, using a mobile phone to search the Internet is the fastest way to drain a battery. However, that is not the case. The fastest way to drain a battery is by playing games, which with a large number of graphics used, can result in the battery being drained.

The best way to play games on a mobile phone is to do so when it is on charge.

To learn more about the Ultimate Battery Saver HD APP and how to extend the power of a mobile phone battery, please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.littlefroginc.ultimatebatterysaverhd