Travel Agents Should Come Together And Make Benidorm Safer Says UK Airport Car Parks

An airport car parking company is calling on Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook to make Benidorm a safer place for holidaymakers. According to UK Airport Car Parks, the pickpocket situation in Benidorm is getting out of control and putting holidaymakers off.

Each year over 15 million people from the UK visit Benidorm, but due to the situation where people are being mugged and being pickpocketed these numbers could drop. Each month there are hundreds of reports on different forums about people having their money stolen, but even though the problem is widely known, nothing is being done to solve the problem.

UK Airport Car Parks has said enough is enough and believe the only way Benidorm will become a safer place is for the big three travel agents to join forces and take a stand. However, the problem has been going on for some years now and not once have any of the high street travel agents approached the authorities in Benidorm to voice their concern.

Those who have been the victim of pickpockets have asked why they were not warned by their travel agent or holiday reps. But it seems travel agents, police and even the Mayor of Benidorm are keeping the problem quiet. One holidaymaker who lost over two hundred euros told Sun Holiday Reviews that she was disgusted that her travel agent kept the problem secret. She explained had she known there was a serious crime problem in Benidorm then she would have taken a holiday in another part of Spain.

Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: “The Mayor of Benidorm seems to be ignoring the problem, so now it needs the big three travel agents to take action and let people feel safe again.”

The pickpocket problem has become so serious it has become one of the most posted topics on holiday forums. Many of those who reply to the forums have said they no longer feel safe in Benidorm and will not go back while others are asking why the police and travel agents are not taking action.

It seems no matter how serious the problem is, the Mayor, travel agents and the police have no interest in dealing with the problem. As a result of no action being taken, it could result in Benidorm becoming a no-go area for British holidaymakers.