Thomson Holidays Shock Customers Over Data Breach

Thomson who has received a lot of complaints this year over the way they treat customers and their shocking customer service skills have again hit the headlines. This time around the high street travel agent have upset customers after personal details of 458 holidaymakers were revealed in an email.

An email claimed to have been sent in error revealed personal details including home addresses, telephone numbers and flight details of 458 customers. Those details would come in very handy with criminals, making the huge mistake even more serious.

Thomson has claimed the incident was a genuine error, but one couple that cancelled their holiday over the shocking incident has claimed they had not received an apology from Thomson.

A company statement said: “We are aware of an email that was sent in error, which shared a small number of customers’ information.

“The error was identified very quickly and the email was recalled, which was successful in a significant number of cases.

“We would like to apologise to our customers involved and reassure them that we take data security very seriously.

“We are urgently investigating the matter to ensure this situation will not be repeated.”

Thomson who must have learnt their customer service skills from an YTS scheme in the 80s have said customers would not receive compensation.

Some customers affected by the error have said they are considering legal action while others have said they will never travel with Thomson again.