High Street Travel Agents Struggle To Compete Against Online Travel Companies

High Street travel agents that include First Choice, Thomson and Thomas Cook are struggling to compete against online travel companies.

With a large number of holiday comparison sites and online travel companies available, more people are now aware they can save money by booking online. This is great news for consumers but bad news for companies like First Choice.

High street travel agents were at one time very busy, but now some shops have more staff than customers. The turnaround in their fortune has been blamed on the recent economic problems. During that struggling time, people found they could save money online instead of booking holidays at their local high street travel agent.

Ironically, if you compare the price of a high street travel agent package holiday against their website, you will find it can be much cheaper. This is something according to sources at Thomson and First Choice they are looking into. If the stories are true, then the two popular travel agents will be offering the same price in their shops as they do online, but as yet there is no firm date when this will happen.

According to our source, this move is to take place to try and compete against online travel companies, but will it work. Our view is it will work in some respects, but they will continue to lose customers to travel comparison sites and online travel companies until they start to compete and reduce their package holiday prices.