Drunk Woman Escorted Off Thomas Cook Flight

A drunken British woman who was escorted off a Thomas Cook flight shocked passengers when she shouted she hopes the plane will crash.

The woman who managed to board the Thomas Cook flight TCX175 while under the influence of alcohol started to become abusive to crew members when she was told she would not be served any more alcohol. The woman who was flying back from Cuba to Manchester would not control her abusive behavior even when requested to do so by the airline crew.

The Captain, who was taxing the runway, was told they had onboard a woman who could pose a risk to the flight. He then decided to cancel take off and contacted the control tower for police to meet the aircraft back at the terminal.
David Maddison-Lee, 50, who was on the flight told The Manchester Evening News the woman was out of control. He said: ‘We had taken our seats and were just waiting. The plane was full, and people were coming back from their family holidays.

‘A woman started cursing immediately; she was continually swearing and being abusive. She was very loud.’

When the police escorted the woman off the plane, she shouted she hoped the plane would crash, leaving young children scared.

The pilot told the passengers that during his 18 years of flying he had never come across an incident like it and apologized to the passengers.
A spokesman for Thomas Cook said: ‘Safety is our highest priority, and, therefore, the captain decided that the drunk and disruptive passenger had to leave the aircraft before take-off.