Devon named best place in the UK for seaside holidays

The UK tourism industry has been given some good news. More people are now visiting Devon, which is not surprising after it has been named as the best holiday spot in the UK for an enjoyable holiday.

At a time when the UK tourism industry is suffering due to the school term-time holiday ban, this news has been most welcomed by tourism officials in Devon.

Holiday letting agency holiday collated information on the top regions to enjoy a UK holiday. The information was put together by customer searches, booking details and website visits since January 1 2015, with Devon coming out on top.

Their results were:

  • Best for Seaside Holidays – Devon, England
  • Best for Romantic Retreats – Cambridgeshire, England
  • Best for Family Getaways – Cornwall, England
  • Best for Dog-Friendly Breaks – Dorset, England
  • Best for City Escapes – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Best for Accessible Travel – Cardiganshire, Wales
  • Best for Group Gatherings – Powys, Wales
  • Best for Active Adventures – The Highlands, Scotland
  • Best for Foodie Feasts – Yorkshire, England
  • Best for Scenic Landscapes – Cotswolds, England