Cheap Flights Could Be A Thing Of The Past David Cameron Warns

David Cameron has warned the British people that if they vote to leave the EU then the prices of cheap flights could increase. The Prime Minister, who has said we have never had it so good with reference to cheap flights, said holidays could be come more expensive with the rise in flight prices.

The Prime Minister, who has been accused of using scare tactics to get people to vote to stay in the EU, has also warned that roaming charges could increase. However, even though David Cameron is claiming we could see a huge rise in the prices of flights, some business experts have come out and said there is no proof, and it is just another scare tactic.

The referendum, which will be held in 2017, will give people the chance to voice their opinion on the EU. It will be their time to tell the Prime Minster if the EU is good for Britain or bad for Britain, but many political experts believe with the scare tactics being used, the voter will be to scared to vote to leave the EU.

David Cameron has failed to back up his claims that flight prices and roaming charges will increase, and some MPs who want to leave the EU have asked for him to show proof. However, David Cameron has failed to provide any proof that roaming charges or flight prices will increase, which means the opposition to Europe could be right, and this is just another lie by the Tory government.