British Holidaymakers Angry Over The Benidorm Violence Problem

Benidorm has a serious problem that could threaten thousands of jobs if action is not taken. The once popular holiday resort has now become a no-go area for many UK holidaymakers who fear for their safety due to the increase of reports of bouncers becoming violent.

In recent months, Benidorm forums have received lots of posts from people who have claimed they were a victim of violence from bouncers. One of the main places that have been mentioned is the Red Lion, and according to reports the bouncers are having a great time. This has been echoed by holidaymakers who have witnessed the attacks, with some asking why the police have done nothing about it and why the management of the Red Lion are not taking action.
A Facebook page was set up last week to highlight the problem and within one week it received over one million views. Many of those people who visited the page have said they will not go back to Benidorm until the problem has been sorted out. Some of the stories being told on forums and Facebook pages are shocking, but it seems everyone knows about it except the police. Now a travel company who provide low cost airport parking has got involved. UK Airport Car Parks are determined to let people know about the problem, which they hope will result in action taking place.

The police seem to be driving around with their eyes shut as each time a person is attacked no arrests are made. This is not good news for Benidorm and could result in tens of thousands of British Holidaymakers turning their backs on Benidorm. If British holidaymakers do turn their back on Benidorm, then it could result in thousands of jobs being lost and all because the pubs and clubs at the centre of the problem are not taking action.

The Red Lion is trying to brush the problem under the carpet, but it seems British Holidaymakers are not letting them. Their official Facebook page has been subjected to angry messages asking why they have done nothing about the violence. Lots of angry Facebook users are calling on the authorities to close the Red Lion down while others are asking why the police are ignoring the problem.

The Red Lion have responded on their Facebook by saying:

“We employ 2 door staff that are linked by radio to every other venue on the street; any trouble is attended to by all door staff from other venues and any excessive behaviour from them we are unable to regulate. We do not condone mindless violence by any means and any of our staff that are responsible has or will be removed from employment at our venue. Unfortunately, we cannot control other venues and the staff they employ.”

The message from the management at the Red Lion caused anger. Many people have said it is a well-known fact that the Red Lion is the root of the problem. Some people have said they will be writing to the Mayor of Benidorm to have the place closed down, but whatever happens it seems the Red Lion should be a no-go area until the violence stops.

Although the Red Lion seems to be pretending the bouncers at their venue are well behaved, many locals have come out and said this is not true. Some local people are worried at the damage the Red Lion is causing the reputation of Benidorm while some business owners have said, if action is not taken then businesses could be forced to close if people stop visiting.

One business owner who did not want to be named said: “It is a well-known fact Benidorm has a problem with violence. Although there are some reports of bouncers getting out of hand at other venues, the majority of the problem seems to be at the Red Lion.”

Some holidaymakers have asked if it will take for someone to lose their life before action is taken. One thing is for sure; the Red Lion is fast becoming public enemy number one.