Bolton Man On Holiday In Benidorm Dies In Police Custody

A 36 year old man was found dead in a police cell in Benidorm after being arrested for assault. According to a police spokesman, Antony Abbot from Bolton was arrested at the Palm Beach Hotel after his partner made an allegation of assault. However, according to his partner of nine years, Catherine Corless, 28, he was arrested for being rowdy.

45 minutes after being arrested, Antony was found dead in his cell and police have claimed he hanged himself. Catherine has said she does not believe her partner would kill himself and said when she went to identify his body he was covered in bruises. She has said she wants answers into what happened but according to her, the police in Benidorm are closing ranks and not providing her with the truth or answering any questions she may have.

Antony and Catherine went on holiday in Benidorm with their three children, and according to Catherine they were having a great time and it was up until the incident the best holiday they have ever had.

Even though Catherine has claimed her partner was arrested for being rowdy, a police spokesman told the Telegraph: “It was his wife who reported him for abusing her. She alerted the hotel’s security guards who detained the man. He hit her in front of witnesses in the hotel.”

Catherine was told of his death when police visited her at the hotel. She believes something happened to her partner and does not believe he would take his own life. She said his last words were “I’m sorry, I will see you soon, I love you”. She said, these are not the words from a man who was thinking about killing himself.

A spokesman for Alicante police said: “A court coroner came to inspect the body and ruled out the involvement of any third party in the death. An autopsy was carried out and the results sent to the judge. We don’t expect any further investigation will be needed.”

Catherine and Antony family want answers. They have said the Spanish police are not talking to them and are now asking their MP to look into the matter and find out what really happened.

A spokesman from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We are in contact with local authorities and are providing support to the family of a British national who died in Benidorm on October 23.”