Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Spent 20 Million Pounds On Holidays In 2015

When most people are lucky enough to grab themselves one holiday each year, it seems Beyonce and her husband like to have as many holidays as they can. The couple who have a joint fortune of 500 million pounds thinks nothing of spending £12,000 a night to stay in a villa or a hotel room. According to reports, this year alone they have spent a staggering 20 million pounds on holidays.

The couple has enjoyed breaks to Florence, Hawaii, Paris, Thailand, and the Caribbean, as well a Mediterranean tour on a super yacht. Sources have said money is no object to them when they are looking for a great holiday away to relax.

Beyonce, who has a three-year-old daughter with Jay-Z, like to make sure they get the best villas and hotel rooms that money can buy. When they stayed in Thailand, they paid £12,500 a night, and when they visited Italy and stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, they paid £11,000 a night.

A source has said the couple like to get away as much as possible, and even though they have spent £20-million pounds on holidays so far this year, they still have some more holidays to book. It seems a far cry from two weeks in Tenerife.