Adventure Holidays Are Becoming More Popular In The UK

It seems holidaymakers from the UK are getting bored with sitting around the pool or exploring the local attractions. A new report found that there has been a huge increase in the number of people from the UK looking for adventure holidays.

adventure holidays

The survey found an increase of 65% in four years of the number of people looking to have an adventure on their holiday. According to the report, they are looking for mountain biking, canoeing and hiking.

The Costa del Sol has already seen a huge increase in the number of stag parties, birthday groups and companies looking for team building activities turn to adventure holidays.

Tenerife provides the perfect destination for adventure holidays, which could see more local adventure companies being set up to cater for this type of holiday. With adventure holidays bringing in a reported $263bn a year for the US and European countries, it is now time for businesses in Tenerife to grab some of the action.