23 Per Cent Of Women Do Not Wear Sun Tan Lotion In The UK

A report by Macmillan Cancer Support has found that 23% of women are ignoring the dangers of the sun during the hot days in the UK.

Sun tan lotion warning

With the prediction of a hot summer, the report wanted to highlight the dangers of not wearing suntan lotion, which could result in skin cancer.

A lot of women feel they do not need sun tan lotion while out in the sun in the UK while the same women would wear it if they were on holiday in Spain and other hot countries.

The survey by Macmillan Cancer Support found out of the 1,500 women they asked over the age of 18, that 23% of them did not see the need to wear sun tan lotion in the UK. Those who will be wearing sun tan lotion in the UK, a staggering 83% will not be applying it correctly, and nearly a third (31%) will be wearing factor 10 or under. Macmillan recommends that an adult should wear at least an SPF of 15.

Carol Goodman, a Macmillan Information Nurse specialist, says:

“As the British summer is finally beginning, it is concerning that so many women won’t be wearing protective lotion. Even those who will be using it won’t be protected the way they think they are. You are just as likely to get burnt in the UK as abroad, and as over 2,500 people die of skin cancer every year, it is a real issue. Adults should be wearing a thick visible layer of at least factor 15. Fair-haired people and children should be wearing much higher factors.”

Skin cancer can be as dangerous as any other types of cancer. Sun Holiday Reviews recommends that when the sun is out on a hot day, no matter where you are, applying sun tan lotion is a wise move.